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The Dasvandh Network is an online giving platform where donors and organizations can actively participate in the spirit of Dasvandh, or share part of one’s earnings towards the betterment of society. We assist organizations and grass-roots community projects in finding new donors through web-based fundraising and communication pages, social media tools, and donation processing. In addition, we utilize many offline methods to promote these projects, including conferences, Gurdwara visits, etc.  The Dasvandh Network is a non-religious entity (as evident in our by-laws).  The organization is focused on furthering humanity as a whole—a concept that is fundamental to Sikhism.

We provide an opportunity for donors to discover inspiring project ideas and give to various organizations. DVN makes every effort to ensure that your funds are used efficiently and responsibly.

The goal of the Dasvandh Network is to bring Sikh and community giving to the next level. The progress of our community remains stunted due to the lack of consistent funds available to both established organizations and community projects. We must reignite the spirit of Dasvandh and promote humanitarian ideals by supporting innovative projects & organizations.


To inspire an increase in the level of giving to organizations and charitable projects across North America by providing transparency, trust, access, and awareness of Panthic-related efforts.


We have seen how small contributions toward the appropriate organization can lead to significant change; however, such contributions are still a rare occurrence. Through proper funding and management, we hope to realize the many visions the community has– to dedicate an abundance of resources toward advocacy, education, and public relations initiatives.


Today, at least $0.20 of every dollar raised (20%) by non-profit organizations goes towards fundraising expenses, reaching as high as 50% for some events, such as banquets and galas. We aim to streamline fundraising for organizations and project groups to make this effort much more cost-efficient for the community overall. We also strive to make fundraising more accessible for projects, so organizers can focus on delivering valuable services and programs.